Pressotherapy is nothing more than pressure massage or lymphatic drainage.
Therapy using the pressotherapy device can be used to treat swelling of the limbs, disorders of the lymphatic system or detoxification of the body.
It is also recommended for skin firming, cellulite reduction and body shaping.

What is the pressotherapy treatment?

It is a method used in the treatment of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, used in aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy and cosmetology.
This treatment stimulates the venous and lymphatic systems, cleanses and nourishes the body. It is recommended for the treatment of venous and lymphatic edema of various origins, swollen cellulite and trophic disorders caused by changes in circulation.

Effect of pressotherapy:

to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems
to remove water retained in the body
o elimination of toxins that create cellulite
to balance blood circulation
for oxygenation and nourishment of the skin, as well as its firming  

What is pressotherapy?

The procedure consists in placing the patient in a suit, which consists of empty chambers, gradually filled with air.
Using the compressor located in the device, air is introduced into the chambers in a strictly controlled manner, which causes pressure on individual parts of the body, pushing blood and lymph to the nearest lymph nodes. First, the chambers on the ankles are filled. The air then passes through the calves up to the top. This type of mechanical drainage enables thorough cleansing of tissues from accumulated toxins and removes excess water from the body, reducing pain, leg swelling, edema and water cellulite.


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