Focused shockwave

A non-invasive solution in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders

Shockwave therapy BTL FSWT FOCUS is the only non-invasive alternative to surgery, treating both the causes and symptoms of chronic pain, it is the first solution in the treatment of chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system, calcifications and disturbed bone unions.

How it works ?

Shock wave therapy BTL FSWT FOCUS is the only such procedure that affects damaged tissues through deep cell stimulation, leading to their regeneration and healing.

FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE is based on patented electro-acoustic technology.
Inside the applicator there is a complex consisting of a single piezoelectric crystal and an electroacoustic lens. The device generates a high voltage that deforms the crystal and creates an acoustic shockwave. Then the wave is shaped in a focused way and introduced into the patient's body.




By mechanically stimulating the nerve fibers , SHOCKWAVES relieves pain through the pain gate theory and also reduces Substance P levels.
This leads to:

  • improving blood circulation

  • acceleration of metabolism

  • long-term pain relief



Stimulation of damaged tissue releases growth factors responsible for regeneration.

Based on this principle , SHOCKWAVE THERAPY can be used to:

  • induce neovascularization and improve blood supply in damaged tissue
  • triggering fibroblast proliferation and increasing collagen synthesis to accelerate tendon regeneration
  • bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) release for mesenchymal cell differentiation and osteogenesis in bone unions
  • stimulating the growth of new lymphatic vessels that help reabsorption of calcium into the tissue


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