physical therapy

Physiotherapy - what is it and why do we need it?

Physical therapy is one of the treatments that uses physical agents to heal and prevent damage, all with the aim of improving health. Physical methods are mainly used by doctors and physiotherapists. It happens that the term physical therapy is confused with the term physiotherapy, which is a broader concept covering the field of health care.

It is very important to note that physical therapy is one of the factors supporting the rehabilitation process and not a separate direction of treatment.

Therefore, the use of physiotherapy as the only method will not bring the desired results, it is very important to work properly with a therapist who will guide the treatment process.

When using physical therapy, the following treatments are mainly used:


Electrotherapy is one of the fields of physical therapy. Using electrotherapy devices, we treat the symptoms of many diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders, neurological paresis, increased muscle tension, inflammation, edema and many others. Treatments using electricity are performed under the supervision of specialists in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which is why they are completely safe.


Ultrasounds are sound waves with a higher frequency of vibration than the hearing range of the ear. Vibrations transferred from one molecule to another are responsible for the formation of a longitudinal mechanical wave. Thanks to this, there is a micro-massage of tissues, as well as a thermal (heat generation) and physicochemical (oxidation) effect. Thanks to this, pain is reduced, inflammation processes are inhibited, muscle tension is reduced, tissue absorption is accelerated and biologically active compounds are formed.


It is a low-frequency alternating magnetic field treatment.

Non-thermal method, in which treatments can be performed through an orthosis, cast, clothes as well as with implanted metal implants. Treatments using the properties of the magnetic field bring many benefits. They have a positive effect on health and improve well-being - even after the first session. An additional advantage is the high level of safety - the treatment is not associated with any side effects.

laser therapy

Laser therapy is the stimulation of the body's healing processes using laser radiation. We use a biostimulation laser for physiotherapy treatments.

Laser therapy brings many benefits, such as: reduction of pain, anti-inflammatory, promotes tissue regeneration and accelerates wound healing, improves blood supply to tissues and their nutrition. A specific feature of the impact of laser radiation on living cells is the increase in collagen synthesis and the stimulation of immune processes.

The power and frequency of the laser operation, the duration of the procedure and the number of repetitions are selected individually - according to the needs and condition of the patient, based on the interview.

The procedure is used in people of all age groups - except for infants. Properly performed treatment does not cause undesirable side effects.


Sollux is a treatment that is performed using infrared (IR) radiation. Its action has a positive effect on the body, relieving pain, inflammation and helping wounds heal faster. The Sollux lamp emits infrared waves with a length between 1200 and 1400 nm. so-called short-wave IR radiation is the most effective and at the same time easy to use and safe for the body. Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin tissue, bringing many benefits to the body.


Cryotherapy is a procedure involving local cooling of the treated area with liquid nitrogen vapor and carbon dioxide or chilled air. Cryotherapy has an analgesic, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory and congestive effect. Cryotherapy is mainly used for early injuries. With a properly performed procedure, it is completely safe for the patient's body and gives a very beneficial effect on the therapeutic effect.

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