Lymphatic drainage


Lymphatic drainage is one of the methods of physical treatment. The use of appropriate handshakes allows you to improve lymph circulation, preventing the formation of diseases caused by their stagnation, as well as eliminating congestive, inflammatory, oncotic and lymph edema. The treatment improves the flow of lymph after infectious and cancer diseases, accelerating recovery. It is extremely important to determine with the attending physician the possibility and method (total or partial drainage) of the procedure. The correct assessment of the patient's health condition by the physician is essential here. This applies in particular to procedures performed after infectious diseases, subacute inflammation with edema and after amputations and resections in the course of cancer treatment. Too early intervention can lead to remission of the disease, exacerbation, metastases, etc. A physiotherapist has more freedom in the treatment of post-traumatic edema, such as: sprains, fractures, dislocations, post-traumatic amputations. In these diseases, drainage is very effective.

  • Indications for lymphatic drainage are all indications for performing a classic massage, which are accompanied by exudates, swelling or skin changes resulting from lymph circulation disorders.
  • Contraindications to the use of lymphatic drainage are edema and exudates in the course of acute inflammation, untreated infectious diseases and in the course of cancer, if there is a risk of metastases.
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